science of sociology

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I’ve been fascinated by sociology (the study of humans in groups) since my first class in the 80s. I would love to be a sociologist. Many conclusions about life you come to by your own experiences have been documented long ago, like “my circle is getting smaller”, yet this is true of all of us as we age. Young people need more social interactions than older people. Sociology professors are some of the coolest people in the world, they know a lot about people before people know it about themselves.


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Growing up there was a lot of talk about robots and how they would replace us one day. They were always made to look like humans, standing upright with a head and limbs, the same way “aliens” are always pictured by clueless humans, with a head, eyes, nose, etc.. Lol. The funny part is those robots are already here, replacing more and more of the work that was once done by people. They are called computers. So many industries have changed with the use of these robots. One that applies to me is the music industry. Some things are better since computers, and some worse. It sucks that music is virtual now, you can’t even touch it and feel it, it’s simply a computer file hovering in space, in the care of robots.

January 1st, 2016

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First order of business: A few small changes, Things I can control.

Because I dislike the word “hate” I will remove it from my vocabulary as much as I possibly can. I will start by not using the word here today. I also dislike the word “resolution”.  I never hear the word used except for the first week of every new year.

One of my first goals for this new year, 2016, is to breathe through my nose more. Isn’t that a funny goal? I got fatter and I have been overweight for years. I turned into a mouth breather, and it’s gross. This will change in 2016. Yeah, first order of business is change a few little things like my goal to return to being a nose breather.

I haven’t posted a lot of pictures because I dislike most of them. I’ve been unsatisfied with my physical appearance for a long time and it affects relationships and limits my spectrum in my day to day life. I need to accept who I am and what I look like. Wanna hear something weird I thought up? Our friends and family know what we look like much better than we do! We get this one angle by looking into a mirror while everyone else gets a 360 degree view. Love yourself. Regardless of anything else.

The following photo is a great “BEFORE” snap as I begin to CHANGE.


IREALZ (Crimson Gods) and Bucky (Flavor Lab)


New York City

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Thursday in Brooklyn

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Bucky: Blessed and Stressed

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Somebody broke in to my store two nights ago. Turns out I know the kid since he was little. I just saw him outside the shelter the other day, he asked me to hook him up. I said yeah, come through. I say that often. I know hundreds of people in this town and if I want to see them, all I need to do is go over to Walmart. My demographic changed, and most dudes my age have their girlfriend or wives picking out their clothes. Not at my store, but at Walmart. Maybe I’m jealous, maybe not. Thank God for the strangers and new friends coming through my store lately. That “No new friends” bullshit is for drug dealers and Hollywood stars. I always have room for new friends. Some of the old ones are undercover haters. But I’m still good.

I’m not mad at the kid. I woke up to a text from my man saying the window was smashed out and there was a cop car in front of the building. I’ve had stores since 1996, and this is the 4th burglary. I got over there and looked inside and saw that there wasn’t a whole lot of damage. The cop parked outside said they caught somebody in a hallway up the street, asleep with the hoodies next to him. I got a flashback. I used to do the same type of shit when I was drunk. I figured whoever it was had to be pretty twisted to fall asleep after just one trip. I was told I needed to go to the the police station and talk to the investigator, great. She was nice, and I was respectful. She mentioned a name and I said oh shit. It wasn’t gonna be a matter of me pressing charges since the patrol cop was the complainant. I actually felt bad for the kid, he just came home two weeks ago after a five year bit. He’s up against some heavy time and I’m gonna ask that he get a break. I know how to forgive. It’s not a big deal.

Dudes that are institutionalized are under a lot of pressure when they come home. Parole gives out a payment booklet, and expects you to get a job, pay them, and pay rent. I’m not being sarcastic. There’s no fucking jobs in this town. I can’t tell you how many times Parolees have come into my store over the years for a couple of come home outfits. I see them a month later and they tell me they had to start hustling again to make ends meet, to live free until the cycle repeats itself. I’m not justifying anything, I simply understand it. I’m a liberal, that’s how my mother raised me. I’m proud of the fact that I care about people. The young man’s family members reached out to me today and we talked about old times. I mentioned the fact that I know he wouldn’t have done it if he wasn’t drinking.

When I sell someone a pair of pants and a shirt, if I’m lucky they come back in 3 weeks or a month, same as a haircut. When people buy weed, they go back for more in 3 days, chemicals, 3 hours. People get high to escape reality, and the fact that they are poor and their situation is bleak. The thing about being in recovery is that I no longer have anywhere to run and hide from emotions and feelings that I would rather not face. I’m stuck with reality, and I can’t hide from it. I’m lucky to be blessed AND stressed, as I pray for the sick and suffering addict. We get help, then we help others. That’s how I live.



Bucky: What Does it all Mean?

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