Guns & Murders

The neighborhood Shooters are taking way more bodies than even the killer cops. Last night a fifteen-year-old year old kid got killed. I take into consideration that it’s “too soon” to talk about it but unfortunately that will always be the case, there’s wicked shit going down every week it seems. The neighborhood comes together for a candlelight vigil and a maybe a funeral but not much else. Thirty-five or so unsolved murders in the past two years. Look around you. It’s dangerous out here. People are getting away with the s*** and probably doing it repeatedly. It’s not just here in Syracuse but Utica, Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and you get the point, every town I can name. It really saddens me that my words offer no explanation, but are merely an observation. Most of the shooters are young I would imagine, although I haven’t done any research. A 20 year old man probably has a mom around 37? , and with the state of the family these days I would make the assumption that there is little male role model involvement. Is it video games, movies, or rap music? They all point to each other but one thing with a definite correlation  is an over abundance of guns, available to all. Guns are cute and what I mean is I’ve walked in pawn shops in North Carolina and Virginia and seen cute little guns at cute little prices, like  $150, low enough to make a hustler say s***!  if I could buy five of those I can sell them for $400 each in New York. And let’s face up to something right now. The NRA people that lobby for guns each have an average of probably about 15 guns,  and they want everybody to be able to have guns. And yes, that includes the hood!! 


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